Friday, 11 November 2011


hey its 11.11.11. ohmygodd,just cant believe it that date gives a lot to me. ahahaha just happy thoughts. LOL.
hari ini like okay lah dkt bukit dgn farah hanum and anis surayaaaa. HAHAHA tibe2 je ade senior tuh. i just smiled yg x brpe ikhlas tuh HAAH ade pulak suara2 yg menjelka ckp 'eh senyum2 pulak' adohh mak...oi. tau tak betapa malu jappp. tpi kan i pun senyum tak ikhlas. HAHa nk sound org pulak org tuu. HAHAHAAH sorry ler bro saya tau awak jealous sayaa tau senyum kt awak tpi n buat mcm mane awak tak pndg kitaaa. HAHAHAHA :p

hihi, 11.11.11
aiman haqeem made my day. thanks bro,in class tdi ade jugak happy things happen. HAHA, kau nak jugak pick a fight with me. HAHA,wtva happy things i will always remember. :)

anyway,today was a good day for me too. :') thanks to farah hanum tdi. :p

Friday, 4 November 2011

it hurts

is it easy to forget someone that you like and love? 
no right? How do you feel when someone you like and love hurts your feeling? I couldnt explain how it feels.
i just cant imagine how it feels. is not easy to heal a broken heart.hmmm,i tried to forget bout that guy. but i just cant everywhere i go or read his text message i will always cry and curse myself. that hurts man.. i wish you dont exist actually. i pretend to be okay in front of my friend but in my heart it really hurts you know. is like someone is trying to kill me.

its okay and its allright im gonna be fine like you say. i dont hate you but please try and avoid me.

lepas dia,aku lepas ak, KAU. lepas KAU sape pulak?

 mmg aku tak tau nak ckp ape, cause i dont know who are you choosing actually. At first,she like you and you broke her heart. THen suddenly,you confess it to me that you like me and yes i did like you. oh god,do you know how thats feel when you were confessing it to me and you change your mind and said you like my own bestfriend? Now,you are trying to get me bestfriend and yesh i admit that your the kind of guy that will make her happy so,i please take good care of my frined and dont ever try to cheat on her.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just me and you.

just me and you..

we have gone through a lot of things..bad good we have gone through that. Everybody wants to ruin our relationship! but the love between us is too strong so that nobody can break us apart! 

Remember the days where we ate ice cream together by the lakeside and suddenly it rain? the days where we first met in MPH great eastern mall? ooohhh there so many things we did together!
i just couldnt forget!

these memories will be ours forever! 
just me and you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

things i wanna say to you

Things I wanna say to you:
i love your laugh.  i love your voice.  i love your eyes.  i love your lips.  i love your words.  i love the way you made me laugh.  i love the way i feel when i think of you.  i love the way i made you feel.  i love the way you made me feel.  i love the way we look together.  i love how you opened me up to so much i have never known before.  i love the sexual awakening.  i love how you broke down my wall that i was waiting to see be broken.
if only if only everything meant to be could be.
never the less, if i do or don’t see you again, when i hear your name or see your picture i will always smile.
making me smile is what you did best.
i know realistically we were going nowhere, it was just a thing, but i will be thinking of you always, especially in my dreams.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


ish,semua org update psl rayaaa kite pun nk update psl rayaaa laaa :P
nnti ingt2 laa yek duit rayaaaa tuuu share laaa skit. ;p hihi!
Jgn mkn2 bnyk2 kang x tntu psl bju rayaaaa x muat hahaha. 
haihhh,this would be the best bulan ramadhan ever! i will miss solat terawih,buat kuih rayaa ngn mama ngn bibik ngn monyet2 nie. HAHA,gi masjid sama2,dgr lagu rayaa kt radio. ish,miss gler!
and to all my FRIENDS! yg kdg2 buang tebiat mse dok tadarus tuuu! haha ingt2 laaa eh? haha,,YOU GUYS ARE THE AWESOMENESS PEOPLE!  kesiaaan ustaz enn? kte buli dye jeeer. hari kte nk bljr kte bljr haha,,korg laa nie. USTAZ SHARIFF! ktorg mntx maap ler sllu buat bnde bkn2. haha,but ustaz best! haha MAAP,MAAP,MAAP!