Friday, 11 November 2011


hey its 11.11.11. ohmygodd,just cant believe it that date gives a lot to me. ahahaha just happy thoughts. LOL.
hari ini like okay lah dkt bukit dgn farah hanum and anis surayaaaa. HAHAHA tibe2 je ade senior tuh. i just smiled yg x brpe ikhlas tuh HAAH ade pulak suara2 yg menjelka ckp 'eh senyum2 pulak' adohh mak...oi. tau tak betapa malu jappp. tpi kan i pun senyum tak ikhlas. HAHa nk sound org pulak org tuu. HAHAHAAH sorry ler bro saya tau awak jealous sayaa tau senyum kt awak tpi n buat mcm mane awak tak pndg kitaaa. HAHAHAHA :p

hihi, 11.11.11
aiman haqeem made my day. thanks bro,in class tdi ade jugak happy things happen. HAHA, kau nak jugak pick a fight with me. HAHA,wtva happy things i will always remember. :)

anyway,today was a good day for me too. :') thanks to farah hanum tdi. :p

Friday, 4 November 2011

it hurts

is it easy to forget someone that you like and love? 
no right? How do you feel when someone you like and love hurts your feeling? I couldnt explain how it feels.
i just cant imagine how it feels. is not easy to heal a broken heart.hmmm,i tried to forget bout that guy. but i just cant everywhere i go or read his text message i will always cry and curse myself. that hurts man.. i wish you dont exist actually. i pretend to be okay in front of my friend but in my heart it really hurts you know. is like someone is trying to kill me.

its okay and its allright im gonna be fine like you say. i dont hate you but please try and avoid me.

lepas dia,aku lepas ak, KAU. lepas KAU sape pulak?

 mmg aku tak tau nak ckp ape, cause i dont know who are you choosing actually. At first,she like you and you broke her heart. THen suddenly,you confess it to me that you like me and yes i did like you. oh god,do you know how thats feel when you were confessing it to me and you change your mind and said you like my own bestfriend? Now,you are trying to get me bestfriend and yesh i admit that your the kind of guy that will make her happy so,i please take good care of my frined and dont ever try to cheat on her.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Just me and you.

just me and you..

we have gone through a lot of things..bad good we have gone through that. Everybody wants to ruin our relationship! but the love between us is too strong so that nobody can break us apart! 

Remember the days where we ate ice cream together by the lakeside and suddenly it rain? the days where we first met in MPH great eastern mall? ooohhh there so many things we did together!
i just couldnt forget!

these memories will be ours forever! 
just me and you!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

things i wanna say to you

Things I wanna say to you:
i love your laugh.  i love your voice.  i love your eyes.  i love your lips.  i love your words.  i love the way you made me laugh.  i love the way i feel when i think of you.  i love the way i made you feel.  i love the way you made me feel.  i love the way we look together.  i love how you opened me up to so much i have never known before.  i love the sexual awakening.  i love how you broke down my wall that i was waiting to see be broken.
if only if only everything meant to be could be.
never the less, if i do or don’t see you again, when i hear your name or see your picture i will always smile.
making me smile is what you did best.
i know realistically we were going nowhere, it was just a thing, but i will be thinking of you always, especially in my dreams.

Sunday, 28 August 2011


ish,semua org update psl rayaaa kite pun nk update psl rayaaa laaa :P
nnti ingt2 laa yek duit rayaaaa tuuu share laaa skit. ;p hihi!
Jgn mkn2 bnyk2 kang x tntu psl bju rayaaaa x muat hahaha. 
haihhh,this would be the best bulan ramadhan ever! i will miss solat terawih,buat kuih rayaa ngn mama ngn bibik ngn monyet2 nie. HAHA,gi masjid sama2,dgr lagu rayaa kt radio. ish,miss gler!
and to all my FRIENDS! yg kdg2 buang tebiat mse dok tadarus tuuu! haha ingt2 laaa eh? haha,,YOU GUYS ARE THE AWESOMENESS PEOPLE!  kesiaaan ustaz enn? kte buli dye jeeer. hari kte nk bljr kte bljr haha,,korg laa nie. USTAZ SHARIFF! ktorg mntx maap ler sllu buat bnde bkn2. haha,but ustaz best! haha MAAP,MAAP,MAAP! 



Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gratisan Musik

suffered. :(

You're my everything,my life,my soul and everything just name it. I know im not perfect to you but i cant resist the pain in my heart. i love you more than everything in this world. You are my everything!

How could you do this to me,i suffered all this pain just because of you.

You cheated on me,u dumped me,you said you love me but no! that was just words from your mouth not from your heart! I really believe in you,and i resist my life just for you.

And now what happens?

You came back for me,you begged me to forgive you? all this while i've been waiting for you to change..but dint. You just throw me like a rubbish!

I'm sorry but i cant. :(

Gratisan Musik

he and she

He IS A unique person,always lighten her mood make her feel happy,always know what to do when she's sad,there so many words she can describe bout him. All the things he did to her was AMAZING! and he make her fall in love with him but he dint notice it. He was deeply in love with her too but he cant do anything he wants to confessed to her but he thinks she doesn't like him. As time goes by,more feelings towards her. Every time,he saw her. His heart beats fast like there's something gonna happen. he was deeply in love with her. He just fall out of words bout her. :')

SHE is an awesome person.she is brave too brave sometimes. she makes everyone loves her,a happy go lucky person. She met this guy in high school. She loves to stalk him. She became very close to him. She was happy every time she saw him. Her friends never seen her very happy before with someone.Time fly very fast,she was in love with him. She knows that he will NEVER like him but in the end he expressed his feelings towards her. She was shocked and cried  of happiness.

he and she. :) they had been a couple for  1 year..and now..they are still together. :) 
i wish i can be like them too. :) <3

Friday, 26 August 2011

him :(

hmmm,nk raye da kte. :)
saye sedih laaaa. tak dpt jmpe dye. :( sedih sngt. Kalau boleh nak jugak minta maaf kt dye. rse x buat silap lgi tapi mane laaa tau enn? dye dngr rumours yg x baik. HAIHHH,i bru habis sklh sye da rinduuuu kat dye. :(
percayeeee x? saye pun fluteeee?! hihi,terror tau main :P

Saturday, 20 August 2011


excuse me,can u please button up.
excuse me,can u please bamboo ur hair.
excuse me,can please plait hair.
excuse me,can u urgh! sometimes malas nk lyn. HIHI. bukan mls ape kne kutuk n hinaaaa terok btol.


hihi, nk dkt sebulan daaa kte puasa kan? x caye jer. 
well,kepada semuaaaa kwn2 saye yg tercnte tuuu. HAHA,ingt awwwww nk duit rye. :P 
bgi lebih sket. :) haha,anyways just wanna say.
minta maaf laa yek if i did anything wrong. sowy dint meant it. HAHA. jgn lupe kte gie umah2 org tgk2 abg2 hensem kaaya? HAHA :) <3 
HAI. im bored.
lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sebenonye x update this blog. :)
 well im gonna update it. :)
kayyy,well i have to satrs with wait give me a sec. :)

Friday, 29 July 2011

saddd stowy.

helooo,its been a week i dint update my blog :)
well,here goes :) I couldnt understand why some people are jealous with me? im not that pretty,not that smart? i dont have anything in me. but why do you have to make me suffer and boost around to everybody that im trying to get all the guys attraction!  i dont give a DAMN bout them man!
I am just being normal. AND,you dont know me well yet? thats why people think that im being a BITCH! that is my way and my life to act like that but im not a BITCH like you.
i know the way i act makes everyone likes me * i think so* but i dint emant to attarct guys.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


well,hello there.
to all my beloved friends :) i dont know what to say. hihi,i really am HAPPY to have great friends like u guys. :) i will never regret for becoming your friend. :) these are my bestie:
Farah Hanum,Ashfareena,Sarah Haniza,Zahirah Yasmin,Mas Athirah,Liyana,Syakirah,Anis Suraya,Anis Syahirah,Farahin,Farah Nabilaaaaaaa,Khatijah :) JIHAH...*nasib baik aq ingt *
if ade yg tertinggal tuuu sorry :)maklumlaaah,da tuaa Haha,x brpe ingt laa :P


HELOOO! its sundayyy,i know its a boring sundayyy! HAHA,im sho bored. what do you think im doin? lulz im like sitting in front of the laptop online blog and liking people status,satlking. urghhh what can i doo? weeeee,PSP! haha thats all. hmm anw\ew hot sotries peopleee? i need it. :P
JUSTIN BIEBER! <3 HIHI,listening. :)
np# stuck in the moment :) 

Saturday, 23 July 2011

ape bnyk gamba shirtlift nieeeee! HAHA saje je.. nnti i letak gmba green and the onthers kayy? <3

faraaaah nabila :)

SBU sports day :)

him againnn. :)

hey people! lulz,ceyhh BANGGA nye dpt amik gmbr ngn olahragawan tu! *tak habis2 lagi psl dye*
hihi,kk. da maria dah! GILE LAAA AKU DIBUATNYE! Aidohh,korg ptt x? i upload gmba tu kt fb? kanggggg ade org jealous pulak susah tol lah! :(  x suke laa org lain kutuk behind my back :(
ish x yah laaa kaaan? i tgh semngt GREEN! lagii. :)

Gratisan Musik


sebenarnye x abis lagi psl him! TAPIII mls nk cite haha.
what a HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFEEEE! gosh,i never felt like this before! HAHA ape nie haha, cik Farah Hanum,saye terkilan sngt ble tgk *KAWAN* awakkkk lari tadi :P


hihi heyyyy :)
cube tgk sapeeee pnye gmbaaaa tu. :P HAHA ,kay thats my senoir! GO GREEN! he is the Olahragawan. ceyhh,BANGGA NAZMIE! HAHA,well he is an awesome senoir duhh. haha,friendly suke kacau org, he will be in SBU for his last year :( nie x best nie.
Haihhh btw..nk tau x cm ner i leh knal dye? HIHI :P Nak tauuuuuu x? haha
Yelaaah cm nie. hari selasaaa ary tu. junior bertuah sorg nie x dtg laa kawadd. so sebelah sye x de laa org. tbe2 je ade this ketot guy. HIHI:3 but comel HAHA,yelaaah dtg. JENGJENGJENG ! mase tuu mmg laa x kenal lagi enn? so he bising tnye mcm2 mse kawadd lak tu. Hahaa,so ye lah cite2, then agak rapat laa. mase tu laaa jgak sye tau dye form 5! HAHA ingt form 3. HAHA,he is friendly andd very supporting laa. HABIS,DAA... my friends smue JEALOUS ah! because dye tuuu geng dak2 HOT niee lol. hot ker? haha
x kesah laa. 
hari nieee kannn SPORTS DAYYY! he won in LARIANNN?! cube bygkannn haha. terer laa senior kite nie! HAHA, anddddddd. ofc ah! GREEN MENANG ENN?! GO GREEN!

Friday, 22 July 2011


da HITAM mcm pe da nie. muke perghhh cm anak keiling dah. HAHA x kesah laa muke tu tak penting.
hihi,ish3 bnyk tol incident2 yg menarik in this week. HAHA mmg x disangka2 kan. Haishh,saye bru kenal ngn senior sorg nie HIHI name dyeeee. * SECRET* haha,he is so funny. sempat lagi anywhere i pergi x sah x ejekk saye. haha,da laaa senyum dye comel,cute laaa. TERGUGAT IMAN! yelah kaaaan? hihi first2 buat smbg2 ah but dlm hati nie enn haish. DUPDAPDUPDAP! haha. everyday mesti kacau i. my friend sorg nie her name is ZAHIRAH YASMIN! terkejut cuz he tegur i. HAHA,maklum lah dak2 cm tuuuu hot. da lah bomba lak tu. :P 
okay esk gua cite lagi mmg totally effing bnyk cite x larat nk taip je. :P XX. <3

Sunday, 17 July 2011


that was me playing the piano it sounds wrong a litlle bit. sorry :(

Saturday, 16 July 2011

you know what?
have u think about being in a relationship beforee? i did. i dunno its like a wonderful feeling from our bottom of our heart.
i never felt like this before but then as time goes by he went to a another girl. :(
im so bored! oh god u know its 2:35 am! i cant sleep!
im still awakeeee! i wish my friends are awakee and will chat with me. well well,any stories? i got story u wanna knoww? finee HAHA:) 
it all happen when i found out that my ex was dating up with my own friend! how could he that to me? oh god! i wish i can slap his face but what can i do so i just let him be. :( i thought he was the kind of guy who is really kind and so on la. but..
nk buat macam mane kaaan? he deserve to life with his own life. :( xx maria :)


like i've told you before you mean nothing to me anymore. You dont need me and i dont need you. Its fair enough,eventhough my heart says not to let you go and try getting to u again but what can i say? You dont need me in your life. I really do need you in my life. Yes,i have to tell the truth bout my feelings towards you. I  cant hide it anymore. I really love you and i will never forget our memories together.

It was like a effing slap in the face. How am I gonna ever show my Face around you ever again. I knew you dont like me and you never will but what can i do? its all Allah's will. All i cn do now is cry myself to sleep everyday.

i know im stupid and dumb to love you! i knew it ,i really not meant for you. You knew it too rite? But why? You treated like like im yours but after a couple of days YOU DUMPED ME! who do you think you are?! just wanna hurt my feelings! I just wanna say hope im the last girl  in YOUR LIFE that you treated  like this.

it makes me dont trust in love anymore:(

love is a feeling with someone special. Someone special who can really believe in you and loves you but love sometimes hurts when th e person you love has another person. :(

I'm confused with my feeling. Honestly,i love you damn much but why do you need to hurt my feelings? when i need your love, you left me but when i tried to change my ind, you are being like a south pole attarcts to north pole. Love is not being forced but is  about sincerity. I will let you go if you wanna go,but tell me as U CHANGED YOUR MIND! :)

is it love based on paper and u can throw it easily in the dustbin? no rite?
im afraid of love. love makes me have no guts to love someone again. you cant find the true love until  our last breath.

everyone wants a true love:)

Christina Perri - Arms (Official Lyric Video)

myself :)

hey,im maria im likeee 13 and a half? HAHA,kay 14 laa :P
im an SBU-ian :) i hope everybody enjoy reading my blog :)