Sunday, 28 August 2011


ish,semua org update psl rayaaa kite pun nk update psl rayaaa laaa :P
nnti ingt2 laa yek duit rayaaaa tuuu share laaa skit. ;p hihi!
Jgn mkn2 bnyk2 kang x tntu psl bju rayaaaa x muat hahaha. 
haihhh,this would be the best bulan ramadhan ever! i will miss solat terawih,buat kuih rayaa ngn mama ngn bibik ngn monyet2 nie. HAHA,gi masjid sama2,dgr lagu rayaa kt radio. ish,miss gler!
and to all my FRIENDS! yg kdg2 buang tebiat mse dok tadarus tuuu! haha ingt2 laaa eh? haha,,YOU GUYS ARE THE AWESOMENESS PEOPLE!  kesiaaan ustaz enn? kte buli dye jeeer. hari kte nk bljr kte bljr haha,,korg laa nie. USTAZ SHARIFF! ktorg mntx maap ler sllu buat bnde bkn2. haha,but ustaz best! haha MAAP,MAAP,MAAP! 



Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gratisan Musik

suffered. :(

You're my everything,my life,my soul and everything just name it. I know im not perfect to you but i cant resist the pain in my heart. i love you more than everything in this world. You are my everything!

How could you do this to me,i suffered all this pain just because of you.

You cheated on me,u dumped me,you said you love me but no! that was just words from your mouth not from your heart! I really believe in you,and i resist my life just for you.

And now what happens?

You came back for me,you begged me to forgive you? all this while i've been waiting for you to change..but dint. You just throw me like a rubbish!

I'm sorry but i cant. :(

Gratisan Musik

he and she

He IS A unique person,always lighten her mood make her feel happy,always know what to do when she's sad,there so many words she can describe bout him. All the things he did to her was AMAZING! and he make her fall in love with him but he dint notice it. He was deeply in love with her too but he cant do anything he wants to confessed to her but he thinks she doesn't like him. As time goes by,more feelings towards her. Every time,he saw her. His heart beats fast like there's something gonna happen. he was deeply in love with her. He just fall out of words bout her. :')

SHE is an awesome person.she is brave too brave sometimes. she makes everyone loves her,a happy go lucky person. She met this guy in high school. She loves to stalk him. She became very close to him. She was happy every time she saw him. Her friends never seen her very happy before with someone.Time fly very fast,she was in love with him. She knows that he will NEVER like him but in the end he expressed his feelings towards her. She was shocked and cried  of happiness.

he and she. :) they had been a couple for  1 year..and now..they are still together. :) 
i wish i can be like them too. :) <3

Friday, 26 August 2011

him :(

hmmm,nk raye da kte. :)
saye sedih laaaa. tak dpt jmpe dye. :( sedih sngt. Kalau boleh nak jugak minta maaf kt dye. rse x buat silap lgi tapi mane laaa tau enn? dye dngr rumours yg x baik. HAIHHH,i bru habis sklh sye da rinduuuu kat dye. :(
percayeeee x? saye pun fluteeee?! hihi,terror tau main :P

Saturday, 20 August 2011


excuse me,can u please button up.
excuse me,can u please bamboo ur hair.
excuse me,can please plait hair.
excuse me,can u urgh! sometimes malas nk lyn. HIHI. bukan mls ape kne kutuk n hinaaaa terok btol.


hihi, nk dkt sebulan daaa kte puasa kan? x caye jer. 
well,kepada semuaaaa kwn2 saye yg tercnte tuuu. HAHA,ingt awwwww nk duit rye. :P 
bgi lebih sket. :) haha,anyways just wanna say.
minta maaf laa yek if i did anything wrong. sowy dint meant it. HAHA. jgn lupe kte gie umah2 org tgk2 abg2 hensem kaaya? HAHA :) <3 
HAI. im bored.
lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sebenonye x update this blog. :)
 well im gonna update it. :)
kayyy,well i have to satrs with wait give me a sec. :)