Saturday, 16 July 2011


like i've told you before you mean nothing to me anymore. You dont need me and i dont need you. Its fair enough,eventhough my heart says not to let you go and try getting to u again but what can i say? You dont need me in your life. I really do need you in my life. Yes,i have to tell the truth bout my feelings towards you. I  cant hide it anymore. I really love you and i will never forget our memories together.

It was like a effing slap in the face. How am I gonna ever show my Face around you ever again. I knew you dont like me and you never will but what can i do? its all Allah's will. All i cn do now is cry myself to sleep everyday.

i know im stupid and dumb to love you! i knew it ,i really not meant for you. You knew it too rite? But why? You treated like like im yours but after a couple of days YOU DUMPED ME! who do you think you are?! just wanna hurt my feelings! I just wanna say hope im the last girl  in YOUR LIFE that you treated  like this.

it makes me dont trust in love anymore:(

love is a feeling with someone special. Someone special who can really believe in you and loves you but love sometimes hurts when th e person you love has another person. :(

I'm confused with my feeling. Honestly,i love you damn much but why do you need to hurt my feelings? when i need your love, you left me but when i tried to change my ind, you are being like a south pole attarcts to north pole. Love is not being forced but is  about sincerity. I will let you go if you wanna go,but tell me as U CHANGED YOUR MIND! :)

is it love based on paper and u can throw it easily in the dustbin? no rite?
im afraid of love. love makes me have no guts to love someone again. you cant find the true love until  our last breath.

everyone wants a true love:)

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