Saturday, 27 August 2011

he and she

He IS A unique person,always lighten her mood make her feel happy,always know what to do when she's sad,there so many words she can describe bout him. All the things he did to her was AMAZING! and he make her fall in love with him but he dint notice it. He was deeply in love with her too but he cant do anything he wants to confessed to her but he thinks she doesn't like him. As time goes by,more feelings towards her. Every time,he saw her. His heart beats fast like there's something gonna happen. he was deeply in love with her. He just fall out of words bout her. :')

SHE is an awesome person.she is brave too brave sometimes. she makes everyone loves her,a happy go lucky person. She met this guy in high school. She loves to stalk him. She became very close to him. She was happy every time she saw him. Her friends never seen her very happy before with someone.Time fly very fast,she was in love with him. She knows that he will NEVER like him but in the end he expressed his feelings towards her. She was shocked and cried  of happiness.

he and she. :) they had been a couple for  1 year..and now..they are still together. :) 
i wish i can be like them too. :) <3

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